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Reviews for Nunt by Mingus Tourette

Nunt makes Fight Club look like Three Little Bunnies ... these verses have something to mortally offend everyone who reads them. I devoured them in one sitting (before they devoured me), struck again and again by their tireless and imaginative violence - passion, really. Tourette wrenches tormented, nihilistic and surreally brutal feelings out of the pornographic and into the poetic. Like drinking yourself sober, there’s virtue in the excess.”
Daniel Richler

Mingus Tourette may be the most exhilarating voice to emerge on the Canadian poetry scene in decades.”
Misty Harris, The Calgary Herald

“[a]s hard to put down as a glass of whiskey spiked with acid.
The New Haven Advocate

[b]rutally powerful…”
The Link

[t]he book is part shock poetry and part insanity, but all genius.”
The Manitoban

Charles Bukowski, William S. Burroughs… Mingus Tourette? High praise, but Tourette belongs in this company. And when the time comes, I want a seat at their table in Hell.”

It’s been a long time since I read a book that I became emotionally involved in. I fell in love with this one. It violated, desecrated, and exhausted me, but left me wanting more.”
The Navigator

Mingus Tourette is a fascinating writer. Even if you can't tolerate the revulsion this book causes, you probably won't be able to put it down. ”

"He is either insane or brilliant. In my own humble opinion, and in the best of circumstances, he’s both.”
The Brandon Quill

“His writing is passionate and driven, sometimes so gritty and down to earth, that you can taste the earthworms.”
The Edmonton Journal

“Is it possible for a Canadian to be an enfant terrible? Looks like.”
The Iconoclast

“Ed’s favourite iconoclast…”
Ed Magazine

“I admired the guy’s juice, his devotion to the craft, the whiffs of Bukowksi and insanity in the poetry prose.”
The Edmonton Journal

“[I] really liked your story, a profane, nightmarish tale whose narrator travels to Cambodia and blows up a barn, then a cow, with hand grenades. It was written with economy and momentum and a raw, poetic grace, and had this compressed Apocalypse Now vibe that invoked Latin and satori, the Buddhist notion of sudden enlightenment … still sticks in my guts after several months”
The Edmonton Journal, Shawn Ohler, Culture Editor on Nunto 35

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Quote of the Day
[t]his kid
lost in the past
bopping and howling on stage
with Mingus and the Duke

playing jazz to murder by

-Mingus Tourette,  Nunt
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