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Nunt by Mingus Tourette

An outrageous, provocative, and terrifying tour-de-force…

This fall, Mingus Tourette’s Nunt (Zygote Publishing, September 2004) explodes with the shocking story of a man who walks out on his wife and embarks on a ferocious two year odyssey of womanizing and alcohol-fuelled violence. Tourette roars across a barbaric America in this savage tale of murderous fist fights and molotov cocktails, doing battle with malevolent priests, falling in love with obsessed prostitutes, and desperately trying to exorcise the ghosts of his failed marriage.

A fascinating narrative of destructive and mercurial love, “Nunt makes Fight Club look like Three Little Bunnies... these verses have something to mortally offend everyone who reads them. I devoured them in one sitting (before they devoured me), struck again and again by their tireless and imaginative violence - passion, really. Tourette wrenches tormented, nihilistic and surreally brutal feelings out of the pornographic and into the poetic. Like drinking yourself sober, there’s virtue in the excess.” – Daniel Richler

Title: Nunt
Author: Mingus Tourette with Foreword by Marvin Gander
Number Printed: 2000
Format: Paperback, 5.5 * 8.5 inches
ISBN: 0-9734458-0-7
CIP: PS8639.O97N86 2004        C811'.6 C2004-900826-9
Pages: 112
Price: $14.95 CAN / $11.95 USA
Season: Fall 2004
Publication Date: September 2004

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Quote of the Day
[t]his kid
lost in the past
bopping and howling on stage
with Mingus and the Duke

playing jazz to murder by

-Mingus Tourette,  Nunt
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